HALL OF FAME Procedures

                    HALL OF FAME AWARD

    1. Criteria for the Award

    The Hall of Fame award is a way of honoring those square dancers that have made a sustained and
    significant contribution to square dancing in New Mexico. Nominees for the Hall of Fame award will
    be judged on:

    1.1  their contribution to NMSRDA over a period of many years,

    1.2  their leadership in forwarding NMSRDA through activities on the local and state level, and

    1.3  their positive impact on dancers, leaders, and the movement as a whole.

    2. Nomination Process

    2.1 Nomination forms shall be made available to anybody wishing to nominate someone else. See
          HOF Nomination Form.(Requires Acrobat Reader)

    2.2 A nomination form shall be filled out in full and signed by the person submitting the nomination. The
          nomination shall be submitted to the chairperson or the state president.

    2.3 Nominations received by the end of the calendar year will be eligible for an award to be presented at
          the next state festival.

    2.4 Nominations received after this time will be put in the queue for consideration in the following year.

    2.5 Nomination forms that are incomplete will be returned to the submitter requesting further information.

    3. Selection Process

    3.1 Selection will be done by secret ballot, either through the mail or at the mid-year officer's meeting.

    3.2 Ballots with the selections along with copies of the resumes shall be distributed to all "officers" .The
          officers that vote on the candidates will be the current state officers, the President-elect, and all the
          district chairpersons. If a position is held by a couple, both shall be eligible to vote.

    3.3 The ballots will be made in such a way as to prevent a person from voting for himself or herself.

    3.4 Each officer may vote for none, one, two, or three candidates on the list. The last option on the ballot
          will be "none of the above".
          See Sample Hall Of Fame Ballot.(Requires Acrobat Reader)

    3.5 Any candidate receiving more than 50% of the total officers' votes shall receive a Hall of Fame award.
          The quorum requirements of the BY-LAWS do not apply here.

    3.6 If there are more than three candidates on the ballot and no candidate receives a majority of the votes,
          an additional ballot may be issued with the names of the three candidates receiving the most votes.

    3.7 If no candidate receives a majority of the votes, no award will be presented.

    3.8 If a candidate fails to receive a majority of the votes and this is the first year this person or couple is eligible,
          then the name(s) shall remain in the queue and they shall be eligible again next year. If a candidate fails for
          the second time, the name(s) shall remain in the queue for another year. However, if a candidate fails for the
          third straight time, the name(s) shall be removed from the queue. If this happens, they may not be nominated
          again until a full year has elapsed.

    4. General Duties

    4.1 The President-elect shall automatically be the Chairperson of the Hall of Fame committee. If this person
          cannot fulfill the duties, the state President shall appoint the Chairperson.

    4.2 The state President and the Chairperson shall make the nomination forms available. The President shall prepare
          an article for the Southwest Dancer Magazine requesting nominations. Either the President or the Chairman may
          receive completed nominations.

    4.2 The Chairperson shall prepare the ballots along with copies of the resumes. If a mailing is necessary, the

         Chairperson shall send the information to the voting officers.

    4.3 The Chairperson will tabulate the results of the balloting and advise the President.

    4.4 The President will decide whether a second ballot is proper and/or necessary.

    4.5 The President shall inform, in writing, those persons who submitted a nomination as to the outcome of the
          balloting and the status of their nominee.

    4.6 To maintain an element of surprise and suspense, information concerning the recipients of the H.O.F. award
          shall be restricted until the time of presentation at the NMSRDA Festival. It is not required that the recipients
          of the award attend the NMSRDA Festival, however, their presence would be desired.

    4.7 The President will procure a H.O.F. plaque and mini-badge for each recipient. The President shall prepare a
          short narrative to be delivered at the time of presentation of these awards. The President will forward these
          narratives to the Southwest Dancer Magazine.

    4.8 The President shall provide a budget for expenses incurred for the H.O.F. award.

    4.9 At the end of the term of office, the outgoing Chairperson shall send the HOF records to the incoming Chair-
          person. The incoming Chairperson shall make copies available to future HOF Chairpersons, upon request.

    4.10 All records will be archived in accordance with the HOF Administrative Manual.